Ah!Ha Puzzle Mondrian Blocks - Yellow Edition


  • Award-winning logic game: puzzles to be solved by covering a given area with colorful shapes, 88 challenges in each edition
  • Yellow Edition of the 4-color series (Red, Yellow, Blue & White): in each box, there are 88 puzzles of different difficulty levels on 88 cards (22 beginner, 22 advanced, 22 expert, 22 master), each color edition contains its own 88 puzzles, no identical challenges in the boxes
  • Improves flexible thinking: the puzzles cannot be solved through generic algorithms, patterns are hard to remember - a new challenge each time!
  • Play in single player mode, or use 2 or more boxes and play in a team or in competitive mode. Multi-field competition mode: the first player to solve the puzzle and close the lid wins!
  • Multiple award-winning: Yoshigahara Puzzle Design Competition - 1st Prize (2019), Mom’s Choice - Gold Award (2020), Parent’s Choice - Gold Award (2020)

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