Hanayama Huzzle Cast Puzzle Enigma - LEVEL 6


Enigma is another 'death by puzzle', in terms of difficulty. This design was patented in 1975, in America. You must separate the swirled pieces and put them back together. You can throw a needle in a haystack and call it a puzzle, but this one is different. The Hanayama range has been painstakingly designed and developed over more than a quarter of a century and is quite simply the most inspiring collection of puzzles ever created! Puzzle Mission - the swirled pieces of this puzzle by eldon vaughn must be separated and then put back together Patented in america in 1975, this is without a doubt up there along with all the most difficult puzzles ever created The solution is elegant, and as a result, the puzzle is excellent These puzzles are hopelessly addictive and are arguably the most collectable puzzles on the planet.

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