Hanayama Huzzle Cast Puzzle Coaster - LEVEL 4


This puzzle's theme is 'coiffure' and can actually be used as a coaster to amuse and confuse your guests! The Hanayama range has been painstakingly designed and developed over more than a quater of a century and is quite simply the most inspiring collection of puzzles ever created! The brains behind this puzzle belong to Serhiy Grabarchuk, a Ukrainian puzzle designer from Uzhgorod. And of course if, heaven forbid, you tire of the puzzle - it doubles up as a perfectly sized coaster. That is, of course, if you’ve managed to solve the puzzle. These puzzles are hopelessly addictive and are arguably the most collectable puzzles on the planet. Puzzle Mission - Take it apart and put it back together 6.5cm Diameter Chrome Finish Difficulty level 4 out of 6 Silver

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