Hanayama Huzzle Cast Puzzle Laby - LEVEL 5


Previously the Eureka Brass Ring Maze. This is a labyrinth with 1 difficult solution. It is another puzzle based on the British 19th century puzzles which were so popular in that period. Difficulty level 5 out of 6 The Hanayama range has been painstakingly designed and developed over more than a quater of a century and is quite simply the most inspiring collection of puzzles ever created! Puzzle Mission - Separate the two pieces and put them back together A puzzle dating from Britain’s huge puzzle craze at the end of the 19th century. There is one point weakness which, if found will provide the break through. Navigating this Labyrinth is a-maze-ingly complicated! These puzzles are hopelessly addictive and are arguably the most collectable puzzles on the planet.

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