Baffle Puzzle


The Baffle tumbler may come perfectly aligned, but turn, move and jumble up the coloured notches and you'll have an utterly addictive twist and slide puzzle in your hands! Each colourful column rotates around the cylinder, allowing the coloured counters to slide between layers into the single free space available. Can you unjumble this mind bending puzzle? With twelve different coloured rows to rotate and slide around, anyone who attempts to rearrange this will be busy for a long while!

  • Baffle is a brain busting puzzle! You start by removing the marked button, and then mix up all the remaining coloured buttons.
  • Your now ready to take on the challenge. The layers spin and the buttons slide up and down.
  • All that YOU have to do is re-align them all in the original colour sequence.
  • How hard can that be??
  • It really is a mind bending puzzle, are you ready to be Baffled!

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