Beep Egg Timer - Singing Floating Egg Timer


Know exactly when you eggs are boiled properly with this amazing gadget! When the eggs are soft boiled, medium boiled or hard boiled a song is played to inform you of their status. Get the eggs you've always wanted!! Cooked to perfection!

  • BeepEgg® is easy to use and turns everybody into an [egg]spert. Of course, BeepEgg® works for all levels of egg hardness.
  • Play tunes for all cooking preferences
  • Original - 'Killing me softly','Chick Chick chicken','It's a heartache'.
  • Disco - Plays 3 Disco Hits: 'Celebration','That's the way I like it',Last nighta DJ saved my life'
  • Rock - Plays 3 Rock hits: 'Smoke on the water' , 'I was made for lovin you', 'The Final Countdown'.

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