Billy Bass 15th Anniversary Edition


Big Mouth Billy Bass is back by popular demand! 15 years ago he wooed the Queen, our PM and a host of celebrities (plus over a million of us lesser folk ). This special edition sings in a unique style “I Will Survive”.
A whole new generation will want to share the magic of this singing sensation. For those of you too young to remember it the first time around – “Billy Bass” is a trophy fish, mounted on a plaque, and was the first truly animated toy with mouth synchronisation. When someone walks near to Billy - he turns his head, wriggles his tail and sings.
Al Green, whose song Billy originally covered, apparently received more in royalties from the sale of the fish than he did of the original record! There is also a try me function. Takes 4 AA batteries.

• 15th anniversary version of Big Mouth Billy Bass
• Automatically starts singing when someone walks past
• Sings “I Will Survive”.
• Turns his head and wriggles his tale as he sings
• Requires 4x AA batteries not included
• Try-me function
• Age: 8+

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